Division 1

1Brighton Orange66002561918
2Old Boys640223111212
3Carpet One6114822-144

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1Stephane AHANDABrighton Orange12
2Excel OKOYEOld Boys10
3Eros MUKJAOld Boys5
4Ivan AVRAMENKOOld Boys4
5Raymond LEGAULTBrighton Orange4
6Matt CHRISTAINBrighton Orange3
7Myles HUNTERCarpet One3
8Alessandro SERPEOld Boys2
9Kelm PAZOSCarpet One2
10Kevin HAKKESTEEGTBrighton Orange2

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Kyle JOYBrighton Orange2
2Renato CITRULLOOld Boys1
3Shawn MAYCarpet One1

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Division 1
Carpet One1 - 0 Bloomfield
Brighton2 - 1 Old Boys


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